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Weird Al

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Oooo… Weird Al!

Weird Al is a person who makes parodys… Basically he makes fun of other songs. He’s a pretty interesting guy, here’s a picture…

Yes, he may be weird (hence WEIRD AL), but his music is quiet awesome.. Here are some of his songs…

Ebay (my favorite) 

Parody of: “I Want it That Way”   😆

Trapped in the Drivethru

Parody of: “Trapped in The Closet”

White and Nerdy

Parody of: “Ridn’ Dirty”

The Saga Begins

Parody of: “American Pie”

Lastly,  Amish Paradise

Parody of: “Gangsta’s Paradise”

Those are my personal favorites, sorry if there are one or two bad words in the songs but you have to admit, they are pretty funny. :mrgreen:

That was a random post brought to you by…



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I Present to you… Java & Shiloh!

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My dogs have always wanted to be famous… So to encourage their dream… I’m posting some of their pictures on the blog! (Don’t worry stalkers, these pictures don’t show any details of where I might or do live 😀 )


Here’s a picture of them relaxing outside (Note the Awesome Tar heels Sweaters)


This is a one of Java when he was little… (His name is Java because he is a coffee-like color) Oh! I forgot to tell you, the dogs are Mini-Beagles, Java is a Chocolate Mini-Beagle and Shiloh is a Khaki Mini-Beagle :mrgreen:

and finally…


A picture of them laying together… Awwww…. He he hoped you liked the pics, post ya later


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Animal Crossing CF Part 2!

OK Here’s part two of the Animal Crossing guide…. More organized this time with sub headers! :mrgreen: Today’s topics are townspeople and bells if you want to know more I’ll make a post about your specific subject!


You have different kinds of animals that will move into your city… But there are limited personalities! There’s kind-I have 2… Fashion freaks-got 2 goofy guys- got 2 and 2 random people and 2 guys full of them selves, so ten people in all.

They will ask you for favors like: find me this and buy me that… you get a reward, though I must say its  8/10 times its something you don’t want like a chain link fence- not outside but inside as wallpaper.. eeewww. They give you a nickname instead of using your real name sometimes.. like I’m J-bot.. and my sis is B-cat! 😆 eventually they ask if you want them to stop or change it. Have a question? Please comment on it!


You can earn bells by selling and whatnot… Fish, fruit, fossils that you have to identify first in the museum… I aim for 15,000 bells a day (not that hard) but I usually get 12,000. My mortgage is at 348,000 which is too much…

Everyday 1 rock in your town (6 rocks-I think) has money in it. If you hit it repeatedly with a shovel about 4,100 bells will pop out for you! I think that this is a great way to start off your day! I don’t feel like doing much more so please comment on an questions you have about Animal Crossing and I want to answer them… I’m just not in the mood after reading this…


Click on it to read…

I was looking for pics for this post and that came up…


The person who gives out the loans name is Nook, here’s a funny cartoon of what happens if you don’t pay him back (not actually)



Comic Gold!


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Animal Crossing: CF

 WHY!? I absolutely hate video games that are so addicting! That’s why I, Jake She-na-ni-gan! (not my real name) Will prove to you that Animal Crossing is a horrible addictive game!

I got this wonderful game for my B-day Dec 31st.


The name I might say is deceiving… It sounds like you live in a city but no. You live in a small town with a Town Hall, Museum, Clothes shop, and Nook’s Cranny-(for me its Nook N’ Go he upgraded) The first 5 days new people move in-1 a day. I named my town Krumpet. :mrgreen: Don’t fear you can go to the City, take a bus talk to the driver… your the only human unless your family creates a file too, wa lah get of the bus and your there. You can get your hair done, visit GracieGrace-clothes and furniture VERY EXPENSIVE!, check out a home design room, go to the theater, auction house fortune teller, and Crazy Redd’s- counterfeit items.

It is great! All things are in real time! Or Wii time… I was invited to Ruby’s, a bunny, house and I was about 4 min. late and boy was she angry! About  every 4 days it snows now because its winter! I build snow men and they come alive, not really but they talk. The town rich guy is Tom Nook whom you can buy items, such as medicine for bee stings, if you don’t people  in town kinda hurry away from you and say mean things like eww you’re grosser than a old man with BBQ all over his face… true story, anyway buy, sell-sell fish, sea shells, cherries, (different fruits for different towns) furniture what not. He makes you buy a house and once your mortgage is paid he upgrades your house more and more raising the mortgage to a max of 512,000 bells.  He owns Nook’s cranny (duh!) Hes a raccoon…

Yes the money system is bells kind of funny really.

Want to hear more about it YES!   -or-  NO!   well I don’t care I’ll post part two next week!


Silly kids Trix are for rabbits….

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Hooray! This is officially the first review on the site!

Today I will be reviewing, Miniclip is a “Game Hosting” Site as I like to call it and is home to hundreds of games (928 to be exact).


Miniclip are also the people that helped Club Penguin achieve stardom. That’s how I found CP actually, by searching Miniclip. Now I have to admit all of the games aren’t that good, how could they be with 928?! But the name usually tells you whether or not you should play the game. Here are some of my top picks.

Monkey Snow fight


Canyon Defense

Snow Line

Don’t forget, there are hundreds more!

Still in Beta at miniclip is the Miniclip Players Zone, where you can create your own player, and save ALL the scores from every game you’ve played while your logged in. You can then check how good you are compared to your country and even the whole world!

Best of all you can challenge other players scores, and if you can beat them you will gain points and eventually advance in rank. There are even customized trophies if you only have the knack for that certain game. Here is a picture of my player profile.


(Don’t ask about the background)

Here’s a link to the player page,

Players Home

——–The Bottom Line——–

Accessibility: 8.5/10, Most games don’t require any downloads, only a few actually do (unless you happen to have FireFox, then only a slight amount more will)

Games: 7/10: As I told you not all the games are perfect, but some are pretty close.

Appearance: 9/10 The site looks modern, and doesn’t have any pop-ups!

Navigation: 8/10 Good links, and a helpful bar at the bottom of the page that has a link to EVERY SINGLE GAME!

Overall: 32.5/40

The bottom line? A good website with good games that is expertly run. I go there almost every time I use the computer (and I have bookmarked it). Some of the games are inapropriet, but not that many (Hint: Don’t play any political games they are normally… Let’s say interesting) So check out Miniclip and be sure to tell us what you thought of this review.

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Happy New Year!

As you may have noticed were back and more tired than ever! Matt worked for 8 and a half hours on that header you see before your eyes. I hope you didn’t believe me ’cause wow that would be funny! Anyway, I hope you had a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever. Matt & Jake are now back so please get yourselves back in the habit of visiting the site again.

Our resolutions this year are to keep this site running-Matt thinks we’ll be on CNN the site gets so good( I don’t want to be- I like ABC News better JK)

So celebrate the new year with Sparkling Grape Juice! WOO…

-Jake Oh and If you want to see a little about us look at our post below!

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