2nd Home-Sick

Well our family “owns” part of Disney with the Disney Vacation Club membership thingy… And well my parents say that we aren’t going this year, so I’m sad. Don’t know what direction this post is going in? Me either… lets just see where my rambling story takes us! 😀

We only really go to Disney World in FL but I’ve wanted to go to Disneyland CA. (Don’t I mean Disney World in CA? NO!! That’s my biggest pet peeve, There is 1 Disney World on Earth and all the others, Disneyland CA, Disneyland Paris etc… are all land!) Anyone here ever been to Disney CA? Let me know if you like it! I want to nag my parents about it to see if we could take a small trip next year! :mrgreen:

I like Disney because everytime I learn something new about it, it leads to another, and another, and another, and so on… It’s kinda scary! Like there is a tunnel you go under before you enter Magic Kingdom and water goes OVER it, it’s called a water bridge. Out of the few in the US (IDK 8?) like 3 or 4 are in Disney’s… I like Magic Kingdom 1st , Epcot 2nd , MGM and Animal Kingdom are tied for 3rd.

You may think all the magic is cheesey… well I do too BUT I like to marvel at their rides and pyrotechnics (fireworks) It’s amazing what you can do with tools, imagination, and lots and lots of money! 😀  Look at a few of these pics

I think that’s good for now… What to do for home sickness? I have no idea!

Thanks for reading! 😆 Kinda’ strange huh?


February 11, 2009 at 10:00 am 4 comments

Superbowl Ads

Some of my favorites:



-Potato Head


-David Abernathy

-Snobby Cheetos Girl


-Carrer Builder



-Budwiser Romeo & Juilet


BUT the creepiest is this Hulu one…

Hope you enjoy!

Ĵąќз™   he-he my name look funny! :mrgreen:

February 6, 2009 at 12:00 pm 4 comments

Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

OK, here’s an AWESOME game that I’m aiming to buy.

It’s called Ace Combat Zero, it’s basically a Flight Combat Sim, but there are missions, levels, etc.

Basically, the game is about two made up countries that go to war with each other, not to interesting, right? Wrong, there are top of the line graphics, awesome planes, and supposedly the rare dose of multi-player in the game really rocks.

Here are some pics



OK, now you’ve seen the graphics, but they’re not the only cool part, the game series is supposedly the best flight series ever, (I’ve only played it once) There are literally 30 different planes, and your general guy gets SUPER mad at you if you disobey orders (You can say “Yes” or “No” to all of his orders or questions :mrgreen: )… Ace Combat Zero is for the PS2, but they also have… Ace Combat 6 for the Xbox, and Ace Combat X for the PSP… (And Ace combat 1-5 for the PS2, but Zero is more new)(Hey! I rhymed!)

For more on the game go here

I say it’s worth the money…

P.S I currently have $45/$60 In The AC Fund (I need a new PS2 memory card 😦 )


February 3, 2009 at 7:01 pm 5 comments

Google SketchUp

Wow! This is a cool thingy mo-bober! It lets you draw and edit anything! (cars, desks, houses, buildings, exct…) Right now I’m working on Palmwood Meadows Mall! 😆 weird right? Below is the walkover from Eastend to Westend.


There’s not much scenery in the engineering template I use, so I make up one. Put a big grass rectangle and build up from there!

I use the preset colors, but you can add more. There’s see through like glass, bark of trees, to water, and bricks. This sweet whatever-editor thing will help you get the pulsating idea in the back of your head out into a ‘real’ view!

You can easily put shapes down-circle and square. Then click the push/pull button and drag a surface to make it taller or have a depression. You can use the Measure tool to see how tall your building would be in meters or feet, AND there’s no limit!

You can go on Google and download buildings and small items like trees. Search for whatever you please! :mrgreen: Though some are rip offs that make you very angry…

So this is just a taste test of Google SketchUp, if you’re even the least bit interested, go ahead and download it right here with this linky thing… wow I’ve got a way with words!



Another magical post by

Ĵąќз™   he-he my name look funny! 😀

February 1, 2009 at 12:00 pm 3 comments

Weird Al

Don’t forget the Poll!

Oooo… Weird Al!

Weird Al is a person who makes parodys… Basically he makes fun of other songs. He’s a pretty interesting guy, here’s a picture…

Yes, he may be weird (hence WEIRD AL), but his music is quiet awesome.. Here are some of his songs…

Ebay (my favorite) 

Parody of: “I Want it That Way”   😆

Trapped in the Drivethru

Parody of: “Trapped in The Closet”

White and Nerdy

Parody of: “Ridn’ Dirty”

The Saga Begins

Parody of: “American Pie”

Lastly,  Amish Paradise

Parody of: “Gangsta’s Paradise”

Those are my personal favorites, sorry if there are one or two bad words in the songs but you have to admit, they are pretty funny. :mrgreen:

That was a random post brought to you by…


January 29, 2009 at 7:28 pm 4 comments

I Present to you… Java & Shiloh!

Before reading this post please answer the following poll…

My dogs have always wanted to be famous… So to encourage their dream… I’m posting some of their pictures on the blog! (Don’t worry stalkers, these pictures don’t show any details of where I might or do live 😀 )


Here’s a picture of them relaxing outside (Note the Awesome Tar heels Sweaters)


This is a one of Java when he was little… (His name is Java because he is a coffee-like color) Oh! I forgot to tell you, the dogs are Mini-Beagles, Java is a Chocolate Mini-Beagle and Shiloh is a Khaki Mini-Beagle :mrgreen:

and finally…


A picture of them laying together… Awwww…. He he hoped you liked the pics, post ya later


January 24, 2009 at 11:14 am 9 comments

Animal Crossing CF Part 2!

OK Here’s part two of the Animal Crossing guide…. More organized this time with sub headers! :mrgreen: Today’s topics are townspeople and bells if you want to know more I’ll make a post about your specific subject!


You have different kinds of animals that will move into your city… But there are limited personalities! There’s kind-I have 2… Fashion freaks-got 2 goofy guys- got 2 and 2 random people and 2 guys full of them selves, so ten people in all.

They will ask you for favors like: find me this and buy me that… you get a reward, though I must say its  8/10 times its something you don’t want like a chain link fence- not outside but inside as wallpaper.. eeewww. They give you a nickname instead of using your real name sometimes.. like I’m J-bot.. and my sis is B-cat! 😆 eventually they ask if you want them to stop or change it. Have a question? Please comment on it!


You can earn bells by selling and whatnot… Fish, fruit, fossils that you have to identify first in the museum… I aim for 15,000 bells a day (not that hard) but I usually get 12,000. My mortgage is at 348,000 which is too much…

Everyday 1 rock in your town (6 rocks-I think) has money in it. If you hit it repeatedly with a shovel about 4,100 bells will pop out for you! I think that this is a great way to start off your day! I don’t feel like doing much more so please comment on an questions you have about Animal Crossing and I want to answer them… I’m just not in the mood after reading this…


Click on it to read…

I was looking for pics for this post and that came up…


The person who gives out the loans name is Nook, here’s a funny cartoon of what happens if you don’t pay him back (not actually)



Comic Gold!


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